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It’s Not You

When in a tough situation do all you can to not turn against yourself. It is easy to make everything […]

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“You Are Silk”

I read this today and have to share: by C. Joy Bell A Great Read for Anyone Dealign with a […]

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Let Them Have The Trophy

There is such value in being fair and handling life’s problems without pettiness. Take the high road any chance you […]

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Stay Connected

When dealing with hurt, confusion and uncertainty you have to learn to hold onto yourself through the struggle. Time is […]

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You must constantly evaluate your life and relationships and ask yourself if you’re getting what you want, need and deserve […]

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“Someday” Is Today

You get to decide how long you are going to wait to be who you want to become. Why waste […]

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Heavy Hearts

When your heart hurts, it feels too heavy to carry every day. It’s ok. That is just how it feels […]

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You Are In Charge

For your life to change you have to intentionally change it. You cannot buy into the belief that change will […]

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The 3 C’s

The 3 C’s: Composure, Courage, Confidence. Composure is the beauty of self-control. Life is always going to bring its challenges. […]

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Commit to the Good

Commit to seeing the good in your life. Find ways to love the life you are in. No one’s life […]

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