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Raise Your Expectations

Whatever place you’re in today, good or bad, raise your levels of expectancy on what life can bring you, on […]

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Changing Seasons

Life operates in seasons and cycles. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Endings, like subtraction, always seem […]

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Emotions Take Time

Here is one fact about emotions. Emotions take time. The heart usually lags far behind the mind’s desire to get […]

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Change Your Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

If you’re tired of running on the unhappy relationship hamster wheel you need to work on your boundaries and self-esteem. […]

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The Life Sucking Drawback of People Pleasing

The heartbreak of people pleasing is that you never end up living your life authentically, according to your dreams, desires, […]

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Just Do You

Be all of who you are. People are always going to judge, so let them. It only displays their own […]

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That is the purpose of your life…to evolve. Let every experience, good and bad, take you to a new place. […]

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Let People Reveal Themselves

Over time people reveal who they really are to you. Many times when you’re a kind-hearted, softer person other people […]

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Make Decisions Mindfully

If you do something out of love, and that includes setting a boundary on someone in your life so you […]

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You Came Here To Learn

Your life is precious, so precious, and it is your job to treat it as such and honor it as […]

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Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a licensed counselor, psychologist, and marriage and family therapist in Yorba Linda, CA,
providing counseling and psychotherapy services to residents of Yorba Linda, Irvine, Anaheim, Fullerton and Brea, California.

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