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Better Off Alone

As painful as it can be to cut ties with people who emotionally abuse us, we have to remember that […]

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Monday Mindset: The Next Victim Won’t Get Treated Any Better

One of the fears we have when we leave the toxic relationship in our life is that the person we […]

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The Confusion Of Jealousy

Because toxic people are fundamentally insecure, they become jealous and possesive of us. They view us, not as a whole […]

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Never Stand For Sloppy Seconds

You’re not anyone’s back-up plan. You have to love yourself enough to believe you are worth much more than to […]

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Stop Telling Toxic Family Members Your Business

We tend to go to our toxic family members wanting to believe they are good. We naively tell them the […]

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Monday Mindset: Moving On

Keep in mind that once we decide to cut ties with someone toxic, that just because we finally took this […]

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Crazy Makers

Toxic people will do and say all sorts of ridiculous things to us, but all of a sudden we find […]

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Toxic people feel no need to be honest, to tell the truth or to be forthcoming, unless telling the truth […]

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Let Them Judge You

It’s natural to care about what other people think, especially the toxic people in our lives, but because the problem […]

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Monday Mindset: No Such Thing As Closure

We have to remember that we will never get the closure we desire and deserve from toxic people. Each time […]

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