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Be Real

Being fake or projecting a false image of yourself as being more than who you really are is a recipe for disaster. Be yourself, flaws and all. When you are fake you are desperate. You will rush things out of insecurity. When you are real, you can wait. You can wait because you’re okay with yourself, so there is nothing to run from or run to. When you are real, you are able to find the endearing aspects that come along with your perceived flaws. Life is too short to take everything so seriously. When you’re okay inside yourself, you can flow with life and have the sense of self to be patient. Trying to be bigger than you are by constantly putting yourself on display puts you in comparison with everyone else, which can only make you competitive and envious. There is nothing more violent than the emotion of envy. Envy seeks to destroy what it envies and this is why people become so mean or cruel to others. Keep in mind, when you follow the crowd you’re likely to get lost in it. When you’re okay with yourself you aren’t worried about how you compare to other people because you don’t have time to waste energy in useless competitions. Focus on you. What other people think of you is none of your business and nor does your larger purpose in the world have anything to do with being better than others. Just do you. That should be more than enough. Embrace self-improvement to enrich your life. Leave competition, desperation and comparison to those who are insecure, cruel and narrow focused. Think outside of yourself and give your attention to those whom you love. There is a depth to this life for you to pursue, that as you cultivate it you not only become a better lover of yourself but you become a better chooser of the company you keep. Be wise in your choices. You can only find “real” if you are “real.”

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