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Breaking You Down

One of the most common methods a toxic person uses against us is to slowly but surely break us down little by little over time. They manipulate in this way by strategy. It’s the best way to get us to question ourselves after they provide us with small does of intermittent kindness after they’ve pushed too far. The more slowly and deeply they can keep us confused about who they are and questioning of our own role in the dynamic, we slowly lose touch with our own sense of right and wrong. It all seems to be blamed on us, that we are the one’s who have the problem, and some toxic people will even twist it as far as to say that WE are the person being mean and abusive towards THEM. The more they break us down, the less confidence we have to activate for ourselves because we’ve lost touch with the reality of who they are. Once the scales are tipped so egregiously in their favor, where we are essentially doing all the work in the relationship, we start to wake up. The gift for us is that over enough time we come to see that these people offer zero value to our lives. These types of people have a keen way of wearing out their welcome. It is at this very point that we find the courage to get out. Toxic people are ignorant to the fact that others grow tired of the ridiculousness of who they are and View getting away from them as the most appealing option. Once we’re out we seldom look back.

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