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Choose Your Freedom

Turn your pain to positive…
You get to decide what type of person you’re going to be and you get to decide who you will have as supports in your life, and you will quickly know who it is in your life that acts as a poison. Have a mindset of Freedom today. You are free to choose what is best for you in every moment of every day in ways that serve your growth, your happiness and a hopeful and positive mindset. Free yourself from people who cause you drama and unnecessary chaos. You know exactly who they are because they immediately come to your mind when think about the words drama, gossip, heartbreak or emotional pain. Sometimes these people are family members, which is especially painful. However, we cannot wish people into being different and nor can we think them into being different. Nor, do we have to hate them. All that you need to do is not respond to their provocations. They will go behind your back in every evil and inconceivable way just to get a reaction, and as painful as what they are doing is…do not react. Choose your freedom and drop the rope. If you react you pull yourself into their game and it is one you will never win. Choose your freedom. Choose to be silent and remain peaceful in your life. Choose to love yourself, choose to honor who you are and choose to take the high road. Choose better for yourself.

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