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Compromise Should Not Mean Sacrifice

To compromise is a great thing. It is necessary and wonderful to look for places of agreement. When you’re a healthy, normal human being this is your approach to relationships. Other normal, healthy people also look for agreement. Unhealthy people, on the other hand, only look for places of contradiction, and take those issues and pound them so persistently at us that we compromise out of fear, intimidation, exhaustion, or some sort of guilt for wanting what is fair and equitable. With enough persistence from another, it is not hard for us to feel confused and to forget what is fair and equitable. We must make sure when we compromise, that we are doing this with people where it enhances and improves the relationship. When this becomes our habit with an unhealthy person, compromise turns into a complete sacrificing of ourselves and what is right, moral and healthy for us. Unhealthy people do not care about morality, but they know we do, and they count on us to act morally. This is how they manipulate. They take our goodness and use it against us, and do it so well and so swiftly that it’s hard to notice until it’s too late to save ourselves. For this reason, we must deeply get to know people before we trust them with our heart. It is too easy to get caught up in the beginning of any new relationship and think that it is perfect; sometimes it is, but many times we’ve only been love-bombed and we end up manipulated. The right people are out there. It is worth it to gives things time before you assume anything about someone’ character. Don’t assume good. Let someone’s goodness prove itself or not.

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