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I am a licensed Psychologist with over nineteen years of clinical training and experience. I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2003, where I specialized in psychotherapy with adults and teenagers. I have worked with individuals, couples, groups, and families coping with relationship difficulties, sexual abuse, grief, childhood trauma, sexual issues.

Throughout my years of training, I treated a variety of diagnoses from personality disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, and thought disorders. Most importantly I have worked with the human being. I have worked with eating disorders, low self-esteem, body image issues, self-hatred, guilt, grief, trauma, life threatening diseases such as cancer and AIDS, not fitting in, bullying, abandonment, loneliness, sex issues, isolation, not feeling good enough, lack of motivation, fear, sadness, death and dying, and hopelessness. I have also worked with people in their most successful moments, glorious highs and dreams achieved. It is always important to see the good! Therapy is not just about the negative. It is about the WHOLE experience of life, the good and the bad. One not being more important than the other. Therapy is an enriching process as much as it is a healing process. We can be as enriched by talking about our roads to success as we can be enriched by discussing our perceived mistakes. What I have learned from each person that has crossed my path is that emotions are the universal language. The emotions connect all of us together because we feel emotions the same way.

I also draw from the Humanistic philosophy. I believe in being open and interactive in my sessions so as to establish a real relationship with each person I work with. When there is a genuine back and forth in a relationship I am better able to assess where people are going wrong in their relationship worlds. Along those lines I also see myself as somewhat of a coach. I am here to give you advice and new behaviors to practice. I am not here to simply listen each session. People seek guidance to instigate change and my purpose in the lives of my patients is to effect that change.


For a little “live” me, please view this segment from Fresh Living where I talk about my book Loving Yourself First.

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Loving Yourself
The Mastery of Being Your Own Person

by Sherrie Campbell, PhD


Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a licensed counselor, psychologist, and marriage and family therapist in Yorba Linda, CA,
providing counseling and psychotherapy services to residents of Yorba Linda, Irvine, Anaheim, Fullerton and Brea, California.

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