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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

It is amazing what the passage of time can do for your soul. You may fall into darkness and feel a desperate and fearful need to get out, but if you can just be patient and learn to walk through the darkness you will see how powerful your transformation will be. You will see that in the darker shadows of your hardships you are much stronger then you ever knew. Whenever we are in the “dark” what we are really in, is fear. Fear is exhausting because it is haunting. It looms around us and we never know when it is going to go away. This is why none of us like the darker times in our lives and we avoid them at all cost. When in the dark we become afraid of anything that scares us, and our mind runs wild with all the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen. We are scared because we doubt that we will have what it takes to survive the hardship or because we are too afraid to find out. Yet, when we fall into these painful and scary places in life, which we all will over and again, we can all look back see that none of us died from them. The monster fears did not capture us and hold us prisoner. Instead we see that in being in these darker times we were taught things we never could have learned in the light. We learned resiliency and survival skills which will help us the next time we crash land into the darkness. The only real conclusion we can make is that we need the darkness as much as we need the light. All of life waxes and wanes between darker times and times of joy. We cannot clutch too tightly to either or we block the natural rhythm of life. Learn to be flexible and patient. Most importantly, learn to walk through the darkness.

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