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Eliminate the Negative

Every time you eliminate something negative from your life you do one thing… you make room for something better and more positive to come through. It takes courage to get the negative out of our lives. Negative people have a way of never taking responsibility for who they are and have a brilliant way of blame-shifting so that you always feel somehow if things are your fault. If this is a pattern that you see in your life you must develop the courage to eliminate these people but most importantly to eliminate your own pattern of attracting these types of people into your life. They are in your life so you will have an opportunity to face your own lack of self-confidence in standing up to them. In this way they are a gift to you and they serve as the only people who can ultimately get you over this hurdle of losing yourself to pleasing those who cannot be pleased. There is really no way to get to the best version of you if you have negative shackles hanging upon your ankles. Fear is the only thing that keeps us attached to negative people and it’s amazing how much energy we invest in caring about what they think. See each of them not as an enemy but as an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can in fact love yourself enough to get them out of your life. You will see you are stronger than you think and you also actually do them a favor by not allowing them to continue their pattern, at least in your life. Through doing this you develop self-respect. This is a beautiful thing.

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