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If You Love Yourself, The Correct Love Will Find You

The longing for love is in every person and especially in every child. If we did not get loved the way we needed to be loved as children we often grow up looking for love from others and often the wrong others. We can only recognize real love when we really love ourselves. We have to know what love feels like to be able to relate to it and accept it. If we fall in love with someone who does not love themselves the relationship will not be fulfilling because that person will have little love, adoration or true emotion to give. What they will do, however, is gladly receive your love and it will make them feel good. If you feel there is something vital missing in a love relationship it probably is. It is easy to get into to denial about this and think if you can just make this person happy and treat them well that they will become happy and treat you better. You then begin to lose yourself trying to love someone who really cannot love you back because they do not love themselves fully and the relationship will soon fracture. It is easy to think if you just change yourself enough that it will make someone else happier but this is never the case. The only person that can make anyone truly happy is that person him/herself. This is why loving yourself is so important. If you love yourself, the correct love will find you.
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