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Let Go

We can all get attached to our pain, to our story, to our idea that we are not lovable, good enough or perfect enough. There are people who stay here and continually talk about their pain thereby staying in it. As we learn to let go of these people we do so because it is not our job to fix things for them. Our job is to leave them there. We should never do for another what they are capable of doing for themselves. When we love too much we can take over as the caregiver of others doing beyond what we should to help. In doing this we can disempower the other to learn to do for themselves. We also help them to stay stuck in their negative and helpless state of mind. We cannot force them out or force them to move beyond their limitations. We can support them to get into action but we cannot make them act. We can waste a lot of time trying to save someone else. This waste of time becomes our own self-created detriment. We must realize that we are often missing out on what we deserve because we are holding on to things, people, relationships that are not good for us. When we love ourselves we begin to be able to discern who and what is good for us and who and what is not and we lessen the time we waste trying to change people who have no interest in coming along the journey. Love yourself, please. It is the only way to happiness that is consistent and unconditional. Loving yourself is a relationship you can control and nurture. Your inner world, as you fill it up will attract to you all the correct people, events and circumstances to bring you joy. Have faith and Let Go.

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