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Letting Go Is More Powerful Than Hanging On…

There is no better way to determine your inner worth than to learn to let go. Sometimes letting go is a far greater power than defending ourselves and holding on. In letting go we are loving ourselves. Never chase anyone or anything. If we have to chase it, it wasn’t real. Real love doesn’t leave. When we let go, we allow the highest good for all involved to enter the situation and take its┬áplace. There is no point in going to “war” for ourselves. If we don’t like our circustances and there doesn’t appear to be a way to change them, then let go. Going to war only creates more war and that will be the consciousness of our life. Chasing and losing and chasing and losing. If we have the power to let go then we have the power of the Universe on our side because letting go is accepting what is and we show that we are not resisting anything. Our need for control is gone. The power we will feel in this courageous act will be immense and it will lead us directly into the divinity we all have within. We will see that we are the source of our love, we are the source of our value and we are the source responsible for protecting these precious qualities we have established within. When we love ourselves we are connected. We are connected to everything with a sense of certainty and composure. Loving ourselves creates a stillness within, and out of that stillness come evolvment miracles. Today…let go.

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5 responses to “Letting Go Is More Powerful Than Hanging On…”

  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Sherrie, we so like to be in control of our own destiny. Therein lies our inability to let go when we want something or someone in our life. Just recently, I discovered that I can let go and love at the same time. I can desire something for my life and let go and allow my destiny to play out one day at a time. I have experienced so much war in my own SELF because of my need to control and refuse to let go. As I have learned to love me, I have learned to release. And, I have realized that if I really want to change another person, I don’t really love either myself or the other person. I love that loving myself has created a stillness within and has given me strength to let go. I also really discovering the serendipitous rewards of letting go.

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    I also really enjoy discovering the serendipitous rewards of letting go. (correction)

    • admin says:

      Hi Mary,
      The rewards of letting go may not be immediately apparent but in time they manifest in the most positive ways. Letting go is a far greater power than hanging on.

  3. Ruskin says:

    Hello. Your words are very insightful. I am getting out or a 9 month relationship. She has obviously moved on by cutting communication and telling me she is talking to someone. My question is how to handle a work enviornment? We both work for the same company, ut really never see each other. However, there is a chance we could pass each other in the hallway, be at a meeting or pass by at lunch. Thoughts?

    • admin says:

      breakups are soo difficult. I am going through one myself. I really believe after a break up no contact is the best advise I could give to you. Please do some research on line about the no contact rule and I believe this will help you tremendously. Let go and be very strong. You owe her nothing and I think just staying to yourself, doing your healing, you will come out victorious. Once she feels you moving on she will likely want to come back and that is where you need to be mindful not to fall back into the pattern with her that was already not working. Keep me posted. Love Yourself.

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