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Love Should Be Easy

If you have to fight for a position in someone’s life what you have isn’t love, it’s vying for a position. It’s a constant tryout, it is always an audition, always trying to be good enough, and always trying to figure out where you fit. That isn’t love. If you have to “try out” for someone, you place yourself under constant scrutiny to measure up. It’s like trying to score a goal into a moving goalpost. That is not love. Love means you adore yourself, and the person you love adores you too. Love is free and accepting. Love is easy. You feel loved for all of who you are. Easy love grows between two healthy people. Healthy, meaning; there is no need to manipulate or play games. Healthy doesn’t mean perfect, it means there is a space that is created between two healthy people where love can be nurtured and brought into a more full existence. This love is shared, mutually experienced and celebrated between two people. There is no better feeling then to be loved wholly for exactly who you are. This type of love is full of laughter. It’s lighthearted. You have the feeling that you cannot get close enough to this person because loving them adds so much value to your life. These types of feelings are exalting. This is what you deserve. Love is easy when you feel compelled to make the life of the person you love easier, and they want the same for you. You feel excited to contribute to and advocate for the person you love because it makes you feel good and it always comes back around. It’s not about measuring or competing. It’s about loving effortlessly and having it be shared mutually.

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