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What Is Love

If you have to chase love, it isn’t love. If you have to compete for love, it isn’t love, if you are constantly feeling hurt by love, it isn’t love. If you are consistently confused by love and are made to feel as if you never measure up, it is not love. Love enhances us, it doesn’t hurt us. Love is what we’re all looking for and we’re not going to find it in toxic ties. None of us are perfect, but not all of us are intentionally and maliciously hurtful. People who truly loves us, hurt when we hurt. They don’t gloat, demean or celebrate. Toxic people actually love it when we hurt because they love the power they had in causing it. They also love to hear when bad or negative things happen to us. They enjoy the idea that we may have moved on from them, but that they are sitting and waiting for us to fall in an effort to find an opportunity to kick us when we’re down. Toxic people don’t want to love, they want to control. Your healing comes in moving quietly on from them and getting off their radar.

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