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The Life Benefits to loving yourself:  We all know self-hatred and low self esteem are bad for our health, but did you know they can literally destroy your life even down to the physical level?  Scientific data shows that those with loving positive thoughts about themselves tend to engage in work they love, choose healthier relationships/friendships, manage their stress effectively, learn how to counteract their anxiety with disciplining their mind and emotions, and they can relax and live longer happier lives.  Further, they feel more of a sense of control over their circumstances in life and have a deeper faith that all things work out as they should.

Relationship Benefits to Loving Yourself:  It has been said over and over that you must love yourself before you can truly love anyone else. The relationship glues of trust and love must be developed within before they can be supported in outside relationships.  It has been shown that those who are self loving tend to have healthier marriages, friendships and an overall acceptance of self and others. This alleviates the three relationship killers of expectation, neediness and jealousy.  If one is self-loving there is a sense of independence and an assurance that does not create room for the these negative predators because these killers are born out of insecurity and low self esteem.

Mind over Emotion:  This is about discipline. We must discipline our minds. Research has shown that a focused mind has little room for anxiety.  Emotions are temporary and are only meant to pass through and teach us some sort of a lesson imperative for our growth.  When we have a problem, most of the time we tend to give that problem a lot more energy than it’s worth. We worry and obsess over it. We over-think about it. We marinate in our emotions and feelings  until we are literally sick with anxiety. We make our problems out to be so much bigger than they are, but in comparison to everything that is happening around us and the vastness of the universe, our problems are really the size of a grain of sand. Part of finding a solution to our problems is sometimes not to focus on them so much.  We need to discipline the mind to focus on what it can control right now.  Also, sometimes a simple cure is to focus on helping someone else.

Can You Really Heal Yourself?  To love yourself you have to know yourself inside and out.  To truly heal within we must heal from our core outward.  If you really know yourself and all of your maimed parts that helped you to decide you were not good enough, then you have the opportunity to undo negative messages and beliefs about yourself that you were taught to have.  If you can learn to have negative beliefs then you can unlearn those beliefs.  It is all about finding the meaning in your suffering, moving out of despair and into empowerment.

How To Heal Yourself – Healing yourself is a daily process  that requires positive belief, the support of a healer (books, therapist, mentor, journal, friends) , the ability to tap into the body’s inner wisdom and knowing, the insight to be able to see and understand underlying root causes of your unhappiness, the courage to implement a treatment plan aimed at healing the root causes of your unhappiness, and after you’ve done what you can, and the faith to surrender to the journey. This talk, ideal for health and women’s and men’s conferences, offers practical tools and audience participation so listeners can make their own self-improvement directions and write a self-assembly plan, for themselves.

Women’s conferences
Men’s groups
Writing and art conferences
Social media conferences
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