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Monday Mindset: Do Not Accept Guilt

The one very crafty weapon toxic people use against us is the deliberate infliction of guilt. They blame us for everything and act as if our feelings about things are ridiculous, wrong and unfair towards them; thereby, absolving themselves of any guilt as they leave us paralyzed and void of any valid perception in their eyes. They use guilt to keep us hooked. Guilt motivates us into trying to become a better, “more accepting,” version of ourselves for them. No one wants to feel guilty. It’s a horrible feeling. We all want to believe we’re good-hearted and understanding. When we are accused of being the opposite of the positive character traits when we stand up for ourselves and acknowledge the abusive nature of their treatment, they turn us into the bad guy. This is their perfect trap. They get us where they want us; questioning ourselves, rather than questioning them, and we end up having to justify insanity to stay in the relationship hoping one day they will see our good. Even after we leave these relationships we hope for the day they see what a good person they lost. Save yourself time and energy. Leave them and let go of them ever “getting it.”

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