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Monday Mindset: Finding Similar People

One of the greatest gifts to come from the healing we do once we cut ties with the toxic people in our lives, is we come upon people just like us who have traveled similar paths. Finding similar others feels like breathing in a deep breath of fresh air. It is healing to realize we’re not alone in our experiences. It’s a special and unique language we all speak in coming from the heartbreak and confusion of having survived toxic ties. If someone has not had the experience it will be hard for them to relate to ours, which can make us feel incredibly lonely. It is a blessing to cross paths with others who have suffered similar trials, heartbreaks and disappointments. It’s a beautiful thing to share our stories, to find that common ground, to feel heard and completely understood. There are so many of us out there who are going through this, who have gone through this and who have lived to become happier and healthier people than ever before once we set ourselves free from the toxic people who have done nothing but poison our lives. There is no need to hate toxic people. It gives them too much of our time, energy and emotion. It’s best to know exactly who they are, to recognize they haven’t the insight or the desire for the insight they would need to be better people. Our job is to move quietly on and to share our stories with others. Hold the mindset that there are many people who need to hear your story to further validate their own.

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