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Monday Mindset: Silence

Your greatest protection against anyone toxic is your continued silence. There is no way to protect yourself unless you stay silent. You have to keep reminding yourself that they are who they are and will not change. If you break your silence you open yourself up to being tricked with their doses of counterfeit kindness and feigned insight and understanding. These acts of counterfeit kindness will give you the false hope that they have changed. They have not changed, they will not change, they don’t want to change. They love seeing you fall for their fake kindness and perfect love-bombing words and promises. Your silence is your armor. It is the line in the sand that says where you start and they stop. If this line gets erased it is because you allowed it to get erased. No one can force themselves into your life unless you break down and give them permission. Remind yourself that you deserve to be loved without games. Remind yourself that toxic people don’t change, that even their kindness is a form of manipulation. Keep your head up and protect yourself with complete silence because people who abuse or neglect you don’t deserve a relationship with you.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi! Truly miss you words of encouragement. I revisited this blog for re-enforcement and inner strength to stand tall and GO SILENT when my toxic sister — who I haven’t spoken to in 15 months after she unleashed uncalled for behavior at me the day after our mother’s death. She has been a bully for years. My daughter went through a tragic event and she had the audacity to call my cell. I hung up on her. Then she called my home … leaving a message!! Of course she must always have the last word. “You will hear me.” I got so frazzled… called my counsellor!! Then I remembered your blog. Thank you!!! Stay silent.

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