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No One See’ sThey Are Crazy But Me….

I am getting a lot of questions about how not everyone knows that the person you are with is a crazy-maker and that it makes you feel even more crazy. Crazy-makers have a very sly and invisible quality to them to those who do not know them well. To most people they seem completely normal, charming and easy-going. They hold jobs, have no trouble with the usual activities of the day and seem to get by in the world They only show their manipulative side to the people they are more intimate with or close to. They cope with their insecurities by raging, blaming, criticizing, making false accusations, verbal and emotional abuse, threats and emotional blackmail. Their denial of who they are and how they are is so ingrained they believe nothing is wrong them. This translates into, “if nothing is wrong with them, there must be something wrong with you.” They truly believe this and they freeze you into the all-wrong role. No amount of explaining or defending yourself will unfreeze you. I hope this answers the question on why not everyone sees what you experience. You have to free yourself of the confusion, find and stick to your own truth and not look to them for validation. Love yourself, and find your way into your own center where the truth lies and count on that to guide you through.

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