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Pay Attention

Pay attention to how people treat you. How they treat you tells you more about them than their treatment has anything to do with you. People will treat you according to their own levels of growth, depth, maturity and development. If someone is raging at you, lying to you, betraying you, lying about you, smearing you, trying to turn other people against you, or controlling you, you’re dealing a person who is no more mature than an undisciplined two-year-old. A person who is this immature and spiteful is a person who cannot stand the reflection of who they see in the mirror. They will never own that they are the problem. They will never say sorry. They will not admit wrong and will never validate anyone else as right. They would rather treat us terribly, try to bring us down to their level and do all they can to drain us of our own goodness. The best thing we can do is look at their levels of immaturity and trust they will not have the insight or self-love to ever treat us in the ways we deserve. The best thing we can do for people like this is save ourselves and leave them in their own company.

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