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Raise Your Expectations

Whatever place you’re in today, good or bad, raise your levels of expectancy on what life can bring you, on what you’re capable of bringing to yourself. Once you let go of what is toxic and painful on a chronic level in your life, there is nothing to hold you down so you may as well rise up. Think big, dream big and expect the good to come. Commit to having a good attitude about life and people. When you let go of toxic ties you will see how much more beautiful the world will look. It only takes one negative person to destroy your whole view on life and people. Don’t’ let this happen to you. Be mindful of who is in your life and keep the people who love and accept your flaws without criticism or other forms of abuse. If you want to be happy set yourself free. Commit to growing as person. The more you grow, the less you will ever settle for less than you deserve. The trajectory of your life, coupled with some hard but healthy decisions is all in your hands. You are that powerful. Never sit in a life and not use the power you have to better your life and the lives of others. Remember, getting rid of toxic people also serves them in that they learn their actions have consequences.

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