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Self-love attracts abundance

It is absolutely amazing how when you become focused on loving yourself, on walking your path letting wisdom guide you and you are brave enough to open your heart to let love enter, it will enter purely, cleanly and with abundance. Random acts of kindness will shown to you. You will see there are angels in the form of people waitng to love you and give you what you need. Once you love yourself you will see that love is everywhere you look. If you don’t love yourself you will be caught in a perception of lack that you will not see the miracles. When you have self love you become more kind and graceful. You also become more discerning of the company you keep. You realize that you cannot make another person grow, that the only person you can control is you, and YOU are what you contribute to this world. Be disciplined and discerning. Protect your emotional space not with harsh words or unkind actions but by simply stepping away and letting people go who do not have your best interest at heart…you will recongnize if they do not have your best interest they are likely not capable of knowing what is in their best interest either. This is a recipe for confusion and disaster. If someone has no insight into themselves they are likely to be unconsciously hurtful to others. Let them go and allow life to teach them better. When we love ourselves, our lives work. When we love ourselves our lives become easier and this makes it easier for the world around us. We may not be able to solve world peace but we can master our own peace and contribute that to the world. Sometimes it just takes committing to that one small step of progress you can make each day to better yourself and your life and the miracles will happen. Happy labor day

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