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So, You Had A Bad Day?

Life is full of curve balls. We can wake up in a great place and within an hour something can go horribly wrong and we get stuck in trying to see how we can turn our day around. Some days are just bad days because that is how life is. The thing to keep in perspective is that it is only a day. It’s not the end of the world. Once the day goes bad it is difficult not to let our mind and emotions spin out of control catastrophizing every other part of our lives which are not in balance. Find your peace in days like this. Be at peace with the fact that there are just bad days in life. It doesn’t need to be bigger than that. It doesn’t need to carry into the next day. It just is what it is. When we resist our negative feelings it makes them bigger. If we can accept them for what they are… passing through energies… embrace and learn from them, they often pass more quickly. Try not to add negativity to an already negative day. Stay in the moment, do not give into awfulizing, and keep your mind busy with tasks that calm the mind. This is a great way to get out of a funk. When we are active we tend to be happier. When we are inactive and stuck in our thoughts we tend to get more and more unhappy. If its a bad day, change your scenery, get outside, focus on something simple and repetitive, think of all the positive in your life and your day will turn around. Love Yourself.

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