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Stand For Yourself

Never let anyone walk on you, no matter who they are. If anyone is cruel or unkind to you, stand up for yourself. People who truly love you would not, ever, intentionally put you in place to force you to stand for yourself, and if they unintentionally do, they will recognize it and make amends. The people who consistently pick at you, bring you down, and order you around are not healthy. These types only feel a sense of power when they have power over others. They have “superiority” problems. Don’t let that be your problem. The moment you stand for yourself, you stand for your well-being. When you stand for yourself, they will turn it on you and say you’re the one who is impossible. So, you have to question; are you in this life to cater to them and make them happy at your expense, or were you put on this earth to stand for yourself and to live a life you love? The answer is the latter. It’s nearly impossible to get along with people who have superiority issues. Projection is the way they roll. You must cultivate the courage to be strong enough not care what these people think. You are here to live a life you can love, and people who truly and deeply love you will be in full support of this. People with superiority complexes live their lives by force, coercion, and manipulation. They don’t care who they step on or who they hurt. When you stand for yourself, do it with grace, and do it honestly. If someone rejects you because of this…so be it. Not your circus, not your monkey.

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