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Stand Up For Yourself

Why are we so afraid to stand for our rights? We tend to be the most afraid to to activate for ourselves on the other side of a toxic person. When we stand up to them they immediately gaslight and blame shift. They focus on our reaction to stand for ourselves, and use it to call us abusive, rebellious or otherwise mean and disrepectful. Standing up for ourselves is our right and has nothing whatsoever to do with respect. If we are being disrespected, we either allow ourselves to get walked-on or we stand up and set the necessary healthy boundaries. When the toxic person shifts the blame onto you, as hard as it is, let it go. What else would you expect a toxic person to do? They will never admit wrong or own what they did. Their rage and shifting blame is all they’ve got. If you take their slander personal and stay engaged in argument about it, this is exactly what they want. When we stay in the fight we just give more opportunity to abuse us. Stand up for yourself, state your boundaries, then drop the rope. Let them talk about you, let them betray you and spread rumors. That isn’t your concern. Anyone who would believe their gossip and lies is not someone you want in your life anyways. Set your limits and move on. Move on into your own life, a life free of their drama and give them zero attention. Soon they will go and find another target to abuse.

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