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The Beautiful Thing About Patience…

The beautiful thing about patience is that once you master it in a difficult situation it manifests into the most productive form of healing. When we are forcing things out of fear it is like pulling at two ends of a rubber band. Eventually it will either snap back with some heavy karma or it will break. When we are patient we are in a deep state of power, trust and surrender. We find that forcing anything only causes regret, damage and selfishness. When we are in a process of patience we are able to know ourselves because we have the time to invest in the deeper knowing. We are not rushing or forcing. We are able to see what life is like when we actually trust its design. The only thing that forcing things does is bring temporary instant gratification but it never brings us the mecca of what we really desire in life. Most of us do not trust the state of patience because oftentimes it feels like nothing we want is happening. It IS happening. It is being worked on, so to have patience we essentially have to have the faith and belief that everything we desire is being worked on by this beautiful Universe. Anything that is being worked on is being done so in the perfect timing for us, so while we are waiting if we can show undying faith in our process, what we are after will seek us. Stay calm, stay graceful, stay patient and trust the process of your life. If you can do this you will see that miracles are happening around you and for you. We are at our strongest when we are in faith and living patiently.

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