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The Crazy Maker

The Crazy Maker…
The crazy maker is that person who applies anti-logic to your logic. This is the circular fighter who gets you off balance and confused. These types take life so seriously they cannot find any sense of humor to laugh at themselves. Superiority and being right is the only way for these types, so they will be the first to try an exert their sense of ‘rightness’ over you. Let them win. What do they really win? They win the loss of relationships or they can only maintain relationships with those not powerful enough in themselves to stand up to them. The more they can bully you the better. The more they can push you into submission the better. But do you like them? No, you secretly cannot stomach them. They have no joy. There is no fun. Everything is a game of how they can be more superior over you and everyone around them. If you are a strong person they will be especially irriatated with you. A strong person will not need the ego-snack to battle it out with them. They will stand for themselves and then go silent. They know that the more they fight these types, the more attention they give them and in doing this they will get lost in the drama. These types thrive on your attention and emotional reaction. They always want to have a “conversation.” Don’t bite. You’ll be eating a poisoned apple. Let them win the battle. They can leave thinking they really got you. Good. Let them think that. They will put you through a smear campaign and allign with their weak-minded allies but now that you are silent there is no battle. What did they win? They won the loss of a relatoinship or relationships. They won the verbal battle, but your silence is what wins the war. You silence shows self-love, self-respect and no need to engage yourself in the petty dramas of their superiority games.

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