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The Game Changes

Once you remember who you are, what you stand for and what you will no longer tolerate, the game changes. It’s hard to reconnect to our power once we’ve allowed a toxic person to steal it from us, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Anything is possible. Toxic people are bullies which means they are weak inside. We may feel weak, but that is only because we’ve allowed them to suck us of our stamina, of our identities and of the feeling of our power. The great thing about feelings is we can summon them whenever we need them. Cutting ties and breaking free also doesn’t have to involve war or conflict. Simply walk away and stay completely quiet. They cannot break through the quiet. Our most powerful resolve with toxic people and staying away from them is to stay committed to remaining silent. They may amp up their toxicity initially to test if they can get us to break our resolve, but if we remain in our power to stay silent, they will eventually have to pick on someone else.

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