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Toxic People Put Us Into A State Of Hyper-Vigilance

When in the presence of toxic people it’s normal to feel like we live in a chronic state of hyper-vigilance, especially if we were raised by them. We become people who are always on the lookout trying to anticipate and prepare for the moods, actions, words, behaviors, slight changes in facial expressions, tone of voice or defensiveness as ways to stay safe. It’s a life of walking on eggshells. We develop the habit of continually assessing others as a way to protect ourselves from further harm, or to reduce harm from coming our way. Out of this fear we live in a constant state of fight-or-flight, which is horribly unhealthy. Eventually all the stress wears on us both physically and emotionally. If a relationship consistently puts us on edge or causes feelings of paranoia, this is not love. It is wise to protect ourselves from others, but there is even more wisdom in healing ourselves and finding healthier people to love who do not create or cause this type of upheaval.

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