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True Giving Is Quiet

If you are going to give, give and be quiet about it. If someone gives and advertises what they gave and all of their perceived charitable acts, you have to question their real intention. There are many people who are self-centered and cruel who believe if they give money or food to a homeless person or give to some type of charity that this somehow makes them “good.” They may have done a good thing but this doesn’t make them a good person, especially when they advertise their giving and how much better they are then the rest of humanity for doing it. True giving is quiet. It is private. It is done without the need for gaining attention or accolades in return. Whatever is given is done so because it is coming from love and true compassion, rather than to make some sort of a public statement. The moment someone advertises how much better they are than others, they have lost their class. When giving is done from a purity of intention, the feelings they feel inside themselves from the act of giving are abundant are enough. Attention isn’t necessary. It is between them and God. It doesn’t need to be more embellished than that. True love is a verb. It compels you to act and to show love to those whom you care about and to those you see as being in need. It comes from the deepest desire to make this world a better place one person at a time and one act of kindness at a time. There is also a time to put a cap on giving if you are giving yourself away. You cannot truly give to others and be quiet about it unless you are full inside yourself. Make sure to take care of you first, so you have an abundance of energy and love to give. Those who are giving to receive are using people to make a statement about themselves. It is wise to know the difference. Don’t give for status, attention or recognition. Give only because you love, and you because you are able.
“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, A joy.” Rumi

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