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Why Do We Miss Toxic People???

Why do we miss toxic people after we terminate relationships with them? Believe it or not, we miss the noise. These people cause chaos and drama wherever they go and for whomever they are with. That noise takes up a lot of space in our lives overfilling us with too much emotion, too much tension, too much chaos. We begin to experience this as our natural state emotionally and mentally, so when we leave them life becomes extremely quiet. This can be very uncomfortable because we are used to living in the heightened state of fight or flight and unpredictability. As much as we know we should feel relief they are gone, we often feel empty. We do not know how to live without the noise. This is why many go back over and over again, or they continue to attract these same types of people into their lives in new relationships. If you leave a toxic person, you may need to settle into a period of adjustment. Believe me, once you adjust to the quiet you will begin to love and treasure it. If you can adjust to the quiet and learn to get your balance back, you have made a major step in your personal growth. You begin to see what life is really about and how you should feel. Be patient…wait out the adjustment period and love yourself.

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