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Why Toxic People Ruin Special Events

It is amazing how many holidays and vacations get ruined due to the toxic people in our lives. It’s hard for healthy people to understand why this happens because holidays or vacations are supposed to be about love, sharing, enjoyment, and getting away from stress. Toxic people make destroying these events into a sport. The reason this is, is that toxic people are unable to sustain closeness, they do not have skills around collaboration, communication or cooperation because they want all things to be under their control. The more people there are to control the more moody they get. The more out of their own routine and environment they are, the more selfish, controlling and demanding they become. So, every opportunity that comes around events that should be centered on freedom, love, sharing, and getting away become nightmare is experiences for all of those outside of the toxic person. These events bring out the worst traits in toxic people because all they know is to be the center of attention. It is hard to do that when other people have to be considered or a holiday is being celebrated. They cannot sustain their own ego if the world is not centered totally around them. This puts everyone in the position to bend to their every whim and need to try and make things good enough for them, but to no avail. They cannot function in environments where they have to consider other people.

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