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You Are Worthy

You Are Worthy…
There are so many situations we will all live through that will challenge our hearts and spirits. Facts are, life hurts a lot of the time. We cannot protect ourselves completely against what life will bring us, but we define our worth through how we respond to life and all that life brings. You are the only You that will ever exist. What a divine and amazing experience and opportunity. When pain hits you, respond not with neediness or desperation, but with an elegant and quiet confidence. When you love yourself you can stand up to life in this way and hold onto yourself. When you can maintain your worth and dignity you have it made. This doesn’t mean that you don’t hurt or cry in your private moments or that you do not talk to those closest to you about your private feelings because that is important. When you have composure in hard or painful situations especially in the face of the person or situation which hurt you…you gain worth, you come to realize your greatness, your capacity and your inner power. Things may hurt you but when you can go within and count on yourself there is nothing that can break you. You will only get stronger from each break because the more you are able to bend with pain and come back from it, the stronger you become from within. There is such beauty in this. You do not get your worth through someone else giving it to you or valuing you. You gain your worth by earning it, by showing yourself that you can hurt, bleed and be in pain and handle it with grace, wellness and the ability to lovingly let go and move on.

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