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You Can’t Please Everyone

Life gets a whole lot easier when we surrender to the idea that we cannot please everyone. Toxic people love people with good hearts; those who live to make other people happy and to feel good. Good hearted people are a toxic person’s favorite type to prey upon. They know whatever they ask for that people with good hearts will go above and beyond to meet their needs. Unfortunately, good hearted people place their good hearts into emotional slavery. They realize that nothing they give is good enough, nothing they achieve is good enough and they’re left exhausted from a game of shooting their efforts into a moving goal post. The most important thing to do as good hearted people is stop our efforts at trying to please a person who acts as an empty void of endless needs they demand be met. When we start to feel that our happiness is completely dependent upon their needs being met or not is a sure sign that we are not in a healthy relationship. Surrender to the idea that the needs of toxic people are not meetable but that they do view our efforts and expendable. You are not the problem in the relationship; their gluttonous needs are the problem. Let someone else serve them.

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