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Your Most Important Investment

The most important investment we make in life is the one we make to ourselves. If we stop putting love and energy into our lives we will stop growing. Investing in ourselves means that we are always searching, learning, reading, writing, and loving ourselves. No one outside of you can ever invest in you deeper or better than you can invest in yourself. Oftentimes we lose this connection and we start investing all our energies into those people outside of us far beyond what we should and this experience ends up being hell. We cannot love someone into being loving, we cannot think our circumstances into being different and we cannot change those people we wish would change. The only secure investment we can make is in ourselves. It is only when we commit to this that we will start to see real changes in our outside worlds. It is amazing how foreign it is to many of us to put ourselves first and to make decisions that may even bring about criticism all in the name of investing in ourselves but if we really want to be truly content and happy we must make this choice. A happy life is not lived among toxic, reactive people. These types of people only invest in reactivity, thoughtlessness, selfishness, getting their way and manipulation. If we get stuck in trying to change these types of people we will actually become just like them by default. The kindest thing we can do is to expect that others can take care of their own needs. We do not do anyone any favors by allowing them to take advantage of us. Set your limits and make the investment in yourself.

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3 responses to “Your Most Important Investment”

    • Frank says:


      just take time for yourself, spoil yourself with quiet time out in nature, see the beauty around you, take care of your body each day, ride the bike, … try new things, how can our life change if we hang out with the same people all our life and do the very same things? Imagine each morning you wake up that this might be your last day to live … and enjoy it as such 😉


  1. MizTee says:

    put yourself first, stop making other people a priority above yourself, put your effort, time and energy into fulfilling your needs rather than putting your needs on the back burner while you take care of other people’s needs. This is especially difficult when you are a parent, but it’s also especially crucial to do.

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