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Your Sensitivities Are Your Strengths

Never allow someone to call you “too sensitive.” There is no such thing. Your sensitivities are your protectors. They are your intuitions that speak directly and forcefully to you. They speak through you in an effort to bring you to the truth of your reality. If we call these truths out and are subsequently accused of being dramatic or overly sensitive, you are with a person who fundamentally does not care about you. When a person genuinely loves you, they want to hear you, want to empathize with you even if they don’t completely agree with you. When someone truly loves you, saying “I’m sorry” is more important than being right. They hold their relationship with you as more important than the pettiness of right and wrong. A toxic person is always right, does not want to hear your truth, and will do all they can to destroy and mock your sensitivities. If you lose touch with your sensitivities, toxic people know you cannot protect yourself.

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